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Find your true life work in Africa.

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Top 10 Eating and Greeting Etiquettes in Kenya

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Politeness when greeting and eating varies from culture to culture

Top 10 Eating and Greeting Etiquettes in Kenya

What may be perfectly acceptable in one country is unacceptable in another. When travelling to Kenya you will need to make sure you know a thing or two about local etiquette. Below is a list of 10 etiquette, manners, and customs tips for you to keep in mind on your trip to Kenya.

Etiquettes in Kenya

Not sure what to do, follow your hosts lead
1. “Jambo” is the standard greeting.

2. If you go into someone’s home it is polite to remove your shoes.

3. Women over the age of 21 are often addressed as “Mama” and men over the age of 35 are often addressed as “Mzee”. Most others are generally refer to adults as Aunt or Uncle, even if there is not a familial relationship.

4. Don’t rush your greeting since this is considered very impolite. You should so inquire about a person’s health and family.

It is polite to accept tea when offered
5. Some people in Africa do not eat with their left hands.

6. During meals the honored guest is typically served first, followed by the men, children, and women.

7. It is considered impolite to begin eating before the oldest male has been served and started eating.

8. Take a small amount of food at first when offered so that everyone can have a portion of food.

9. Do not bring alcohol unless you know that your host drinks.

10. Beverages are sometimes served after meals since it is impolite to eat and drink at the same time. 

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