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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Sweet Cornmeal Sadza Porridge Recipe

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Sweet Cornmeal Sadza Porridge Recipe

Porridge is delicious in its simplicity because porridge is a breakfast, lunch or dinner dish of cereal cereal grains or legumes boiled thickly in water or milk.

Sadza is the national dish of Zimbabwe made with cornmeal. The trick is cooking the Sadza for the right amount of time, good Sadza cannot be rushed. The cornmeal will swell and become fully cooked when ready. Polenta is cornmeal as used in Italian cooking as Sadza is Zimbabwe African cooking made with cornmeal.

Sweet cornmeal porridge is an inexpensive and delicious African dish to make for breakfast.

Sweet Cornmeal Sadza Porridge Recipe

1 cup coarse cornmeal
3 cups whole or 2% milk
¼ cup sugar or to taste
1 tablespoon butter
1 teaspoon cinnamon

Add all ingredients into a large pot mix well and simmer 30 minutes. Serve as a breakfast meal.

Did you know? 
Zimbabwe takes its name from the Kingdom of Zimbabwe of the 13th-15th century and 

its capital of Great Zimbabwe, the largest stone structure in pre colonial southern Africa. Zimbabwe is located in Southern Africa, between South Africa and Zambia and is landlocked; the Zambezi forms a natural riverine boundary with Zambia; in full flood between the months of February-April each year. The massive Victoria Falls on the river forms the world's largest curtain of falling water; Lake Kariba on the Zambia-Zimbabwe border forms the world's largest reservoir by volume.

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