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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Tortoise Broken Promise to Pig African Folklore

African Folklore
Tortoise Broken Promise to Pig African Folklore

Tortoise Promise to Pig African Folklore teaches kindness accepted should be rewarded in like spirit. Broken Promises is like a cancer-teaching people to stay cautious and trust nobody.

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Tortoise Broken Promise to Pig African Folklore

Once when there was a widespread famine the tortoise had nothing to eat, and in order to cut some dates he climbed up into a palm tree, but he lost his balance when he reached the top and fell to the ground. He fell on his back, and his shell was broken into pieces.

He lay there helpless until all the animals were returning home at evening and as each one passed, he begged him to gather the pieces of his shell for him. Nevertheless, one after another refused, until the pig passed, and he was begged by tortoise to collect the shell and put him back together. For this great assistance, the pig was promised a great reward.

When the day arrived for the pigs reward, he went to the home of the tortoise, where he found Tortoise wife-grinding leaves on a stone. She told him that her husband was out, which made the pig angry. In his anger, he pushed away the stone, which really was the tortoise, lying on his back.

Pig then left; and when he returned the second time, he could not find tortoise again! Therefore, the pig turns over stone, and has not found tortoise it yet to this day. That is why the pig goes grunting along the ground to this day, rooting under every stone looking for tortoise and his reward.

African Folklore family stories can be retold repeatedly. In time, your children will want to tell African Folklore stories to their own children one day.

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