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Friday, January 13, 2017

Tortoise Tug of War Prank African Folkore

Tortoise tug of war prank.  

 The bigger they are the harder they fall for pranks. The African folklore teaches the elephant, hippopotamus, and tortoise tug-of-war match did not take any physical strength to win.

African folklore of elephant, hippopotamus, and tortoise tug-of-war match

The bigger they are the harder they fall for pranks African folklore teaches the elephant, hippopotamus, and tortoise tug-of-war match did not take physical strength to win.

Elephant, hippopotamus, and the tortoise were once upon a time great friends. But, one day, when the tortoise was walking near a river with the elephant, he saw a chance to cleverly outwit his big friend.

Tortoise told his friend elephant that, many times bigger as he was, he could nevertheless pull him into the water.

This amused the elephant greatly, and with sarcastic laughter he told the tortoise that the suggestion was ridiculous. Nevertheless, the little tortoise, even more determined to put into motion his plan, urged him to let him try, and when the elephant mockingly consented, he fastened a rope about his body and ordered him remain where he was until he pulled him in, after which he walked with the other end of the rope to the river.

There he told his friend the hippopotamus that, though he was many times larger, he could pull him out of the water. The hippopotamus was astonished at the nerve of the statement and dared tortoise to try it. Whereupon tortoise, with inward glee, fastened the second end of the rope about him and told him to get into the water and pull, which he did.

The elephant, feeling the strain on the rope, resisted it as hard as he could, and thus the two unwitting combatants worked furiously until they were too tired to pull any longer.

Then, each disbelieving that the tortoise could have pulled so hard, they slowly followed the rope to see where it led. Slowly, they walked up to each other and discovered the trick tortoise played on them. Well, they felt very foolish and became so angry at tortoise they swore to kill him wherever they found him.

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