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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Good Things Come In Small Packages African Folktale

African Folktale

Big things come in small packages

African Folktale

Good Things Come In Small Packages teaches the strength of things do not have to be large to be powerful.

The Mouse one day went out for a walk and on the way met the Elephant. When the Elephant saw the Mouse coming along he said "You detestable good-for-nothing little thing, what do you mean by walking on the same road with respectable folks like me? Move or only a grease-spot will be left of you!"

"Pardon me, Elephant," said the little Mouse “but before the King all men are equal, and I am neither boastful nor wrong when I say that
African Folktale Good Things Come In Small Packages teaches the strength of things do not have to be large to be powerful.
Good Things Come In Small Packages 
I have as much right on this road as you have, even though I do seem insignificant and small. I advise you, Elephant, do not despise the little things because I can bring you flat on your back, small as I am."

"What? What did you say?" roared the Elephant, and at the same time making a mad rush toward the Mouse, intent on crushing him.

But, the mouse made his plans in advance. When he saw the Elephant rush forward, he met him halfway and with one big leap, landed on the Elephant's back.

Then the Mouse placed himself in position on the Elephant's back, just above the root of his tail, where the Elephant could reach least with his trunk, and then set to work. With his sharp little teeth, he commenced to gnaw through the Elephant's hide, then into his flesh, deeper and deeper.

'What are you up to, you devil!" the Elephant roared. "I’m going to teach you a much needed lesson," coolly answered the Mouse.

The Elephant roared and was beside himself with pain. Fiercely he slashed his back with his trunk but every effort that he made to remove the Mouse and rid himself of his tormenter was useless.

At last, the Elephant, unable to help himself in any other way, threw himself on his back. The little Mouse had overpowered the Elephant and proved big things come in little packages.

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