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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

African Table Inspirations | No-Sew African Print Table Runner

African Table Inspirations

Love this simple DIY No-Sew African Print Table Runner and Placemats — such a cute way to spruce up your table.

 No-Sew African Print Table Runner and Placemats

No-Sew Table Runner
·        2 yards of African print fabric to make six placemats
·        2 yards contrasting fabric for the lining
·        3 yards of coordinating African print fabric for the table runner
·        Fusible webbing, same length as perimeter of placemats and runner (webbing is ironed on to create no-sew hem)
·        Fusible bonding, same as placemats (bonding is ironed in-between lining and fabric)

·        Iron with a steamer

Determine Placemat Size
Placemats are usually between 12” x 18” to 14” x 20”. Make sure yours will fit on the table at least two inches away from the edge of the table runner. You may want to make one or two extra placemats in case you need a replacement in the future. Add four inches to width and four inches to the length (two inches on each side).
No-Sew African Print Table Runner and Placemats
No-Sew Placemats

Layer and Iron
Lay one yard of African print fabric pretty side down on your work surface then lay the fusible bonding web on top. Lay the contrasting lining, pretty side up on top. Insert a few pins to hold the layers of fabric in place. Start ironing in the middle of the fabric and work your way out so you do not get any bumps. Repeat the process for all your placemats.

Double Hem
Fold the edge of the fabric in a 1/2” on all the long ends and iron flat. Fold one more time, another 1/2” and iron flat. Cut a strip of the fusible webbing to size, place it between the layers of the double hem, and iron on with steam. Run the iron back and forth a few times and make sure it is stuck together. Repeat the hem on the shorter sides.

Double Sided
To make sure the corners lay flat, add an extra drop or two of fabric glue underneath the hem.

Determine Table Runner Size
Set a Fancy Table
Set a Fancy Table
Runners look the best when they are 1/3 the width of the table, so for the finished width of the runner, divide the width of the table by three. Add two feet to the length of your table for the length of the runner. Add four inches to both the width and length (two inches on each side) for hem allowance.

Hem Length
Cut the table runner fabric to size. Make a 1/2” double seam around all four sides. Tuck the fusible webbing underneath the second hem to hold it in place.

Hem Width
To make sure the corners lay flat, add an extra drop or two of fabric glue underneath the hem.

Set a Fancy Table

Do not spend big bucks on table linens, make your own and use the extra money on good food. Not only were these double-sided placemats and table runner inexpensive to make, they were super easy too.

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