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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Loss of Opportunity African Folklore Story

Loss of opportunity is something that people run into every day. Loss of Opportunity African Folklore story teaches the missed opportunities we did not recognize until it is too late may never take place again.

Loss of Opportunity African Folklore Story

Loss of Opportunity African Folklore Story
Grab opportunity when it knocks
Long, long time ago, Opportunity was rich, young and strong and wished to marry a beautiful young woman but sadly, she refused him. Opportunity became poor and sick. The young woman ignored Opportunity until one day she made up her mind to marry him after all.

She went to find Opportunity and as she crossed the stream near the town where he lived, she saw an old man setting fish-traps. He was going blind in one eye, and dressed in rags. She took him to be a slave.

On arriving in the town, she asked to be directed to the house of Opportunity. The people answered, "The crippled old man with one eye, fishing in the creek you just passed, is Opportunity." With a heavy heart, the woman returned home and grieved her loss of Opportunity.

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