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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Braided African Tribal Swag Fabric Necklace Tutorial

Add some tribal swag to your jewelry collection by making a simple no-sew Braided African tribal print fabric necklace that takes only 5 minutes to make.

Braided African Tribal Swag Fabric Necklace Tutorial

Braided African Tribal Swag Fabric Necklace Tutorial

·        Your favorite African print fabric
·        Silver or gold clasps + jump rings
·        Pendent of your choice
·        Needle nose pliers
·        Fabric scissors
·        Fabric glue
·        Place one end of the fabric securely inside one clasp, add a drop of glue.
·        Close the clasp securely and braid the fabric to the end.
·        Attach the second clasp to the second end making sure to add a drop of glue.
·        Add a 6mm jump ring to the center of the braided necklace.
·        Securely add the pendent of your choice.
·        Rock your new Tribal Swag with any outfit!

Rock your new Braided African Tribal Swag Fabric Necklace with any outfit!

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