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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Eating Contest Between the Chicken and Elephant African Folklore

Eating contest between the chicken and elephant African folklore teaches elephant to never challenge someone thin to an eating contest.

Eating Contest Between the Chicken and Elephant African Folklore

An elephant and a chicken had a disagreement about who could eat the most?"

The chicken said to the elephant, "I can eat more than you," and the elephant said to the chicken, "You, chicken are not a mouthful for me, and will you say, that you can eat more food than I? Stop in and next morning we will go together to the forest, and then we shall see which of us eats the most."

The chicken accepted the elephant's challenge, got ready, and went to the elephants’ house the next day, saying, "Elephant! Get up, and let us go to the forest, to seek food and eat!"

The elephant and the chicken went to the forest, and on their arrival began to eat.

Eating Contest Between the Chicken and Elephant African FolkloreWhatever trees the elephant saw, he broke and ate, and whatever fruit he saw, he plucked and ate.

The chicken scratched the ground, and whatever insects it saw, it took and swallowed.

Both of them looked for food and ate till about noon. 

The belly of the elephant was full so he went, and lay down under a tree, will the chicken whose appetite had not yet been satisfied, scratched the ground and still ate whatever food it scratched on the ground.

About two o'clock in the afternoon the chicken arose and went to the elephant, and finding the elephant lying down, it said to him, "Brother elephant, you said you can beat me eating, but when we began to eat together, and you ate a little food, then you said, 'I have enough,' and let me to lie down in the shade!" 

The elephant was annoyed, as he heard the chicken speak, yet he stood up, and began again to eat. Whatever trees he saw, he broke and ate, and whatever leaves of trees he saw, he pulled down and ate. When it became dark, the elephant's hunger was pacified, and the chicken saw him go and lie down again. The chicken still went on scratching the ground, and seeking and eating food; and when the sun had set, it went back again to the elephant, stood, and said to him,

"You who argued with me, saying, that you could eat more than I, but I had not yet enough. The elephant heard what the chicken said; and having slept, the chicken arose the next morning, and went to the elephant, saying, "Brother Elephant, get ready, that we may go to the forest, to seek food to eat!"

The elephant stood up and said to the chicken, "Today is three days that I have been eating with you, and I have now eaten enough, but you, little thing have never eaten enough; if we live in the same place, you will, by and bye, even eat me up!"

Because of this the elephant and the chicken are no longer friends and the elephant never challenged the chicken to another eating contest.

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