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Monday, October 26, 2015

A Distant Shelter Does Not Shield You From Danger

The past years are in moonlight, the years to come are in darkness; safety is not a tool but a state of mind. African proverbs teach us safety does not happen by accident, wisdom and good sense is what saves us from ourselves and others who wish to cause harm.

Mental Safe Havens African Proverbs 

A distant shelter does not shield you from danger.

A distant shelter does not shield you from danger ~ African Proverb
A distant shelter does not shield you from danger
~ African Proverb
You can be punished as you do wickedness, but for others it comes later.

Those who are thought to be dying are the old, but those who actually die are the young.

The plan kills; the weapon only does the deed.

One who travels at an unfavorable time comes home at a favorable time.

Do not fight for a coward; he will not fight for you.

A woman’s body is precious to her but means nothing to someone else.

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