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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

How the wasp ate Tokoloshe and got a small waist

1 - 2 tokoloshe coming for you, 3 - 4 better lock the door.

Tokoloshe is an evil spirit who is mischievous and feared The King gave permission for the grass to be burned in a small village where a young beautiful girl named Aminata lived. The King warned the villagers not to dig any holes because tokoloshe evil spirits live underground. Disobedient Aminata started digging a hole because she did not believe the King and elders of her village that tokoloshe actually existed, besides, she was too beautiful for an evil spirit to want to harm someone so lovely. As Aminata was digging holes to plant beautiful flowers, an evil tokoloshe  popped its head out of the hole yelling, “The chief has set fire to the bush; whosoever has dug this hole has set me free, and now I am free marry the most beautiful girl in the village to have my children!”   

Listen to the King's warning about tokoloshe or he will come for you photo by Nick Harris1
Suddenly the evil tokoloshe leap on Aminata but she ran away and came across a wasp calmly weaving cloth with magical thread. The wasp said, “Where are you going in such a hurry beautiful Aminata?”  Aminata said, “Tokoloshe is chasing me and wants me to have his children!” The wasp said, “Sit here on top of this latter until the tokoloshe comes.” Aminata sat down and tried to hide but sure enough the evil tokoloshe saw the beautiful Aminata and pounced on her; but the wasp flew down and swallowed the tokoloshe whole. The wasp lifted up a single strand of thread, gave it to Aminata, and said she must tie it round his middle quickly. She quickly wrapped the thread around the wasp’s waist so tightly; the wasps’ waist was almost cut in two. That is why the wasp's waist is small and his belly is big, the tight thread wrapped by Aminata inside traps an evil tokoloshe.

Did you know…?
Tokoloshe is an evil spirit who is mischievous and feared by some Southern Africans especially in the Zulu culture just as the candyman or bogyman is feared in the USA. Witchdoctors, Sangoma, Nyanga and Traditional Healers are able to get rid of Tokoloshes.

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