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Friday, November 15, 2013

Central African Republic Harmattan Winds

The Central African Republic Harmattan Wind

The former French colony of Ubangi-Shari became the Central African Republic (CAR) upon independence in 1960. With a population 4.6 million, CAR has no coastline and is a landlocked country almost in the precise center of Africa.
Central African Republic Harmattan Wind

CAR is about 240,535 sq miles in size but has one body of water, the Ubangi River, which eventually flows into the large Congo River. The Central African Republic is also well known for Harmattan winds. The Harmattan wind is strongest from November to March and is a very dry and very dusty trade wind that blows from the Atlantic Ocean across Africa. Harmattan trade winds also steer African sand westward across the Atlantic ocean into the Southeastern part of the USA and the Caribbean Sea.
CAR is about 240,535 sq miles in size

From the Sahara Desert, where the Trade Wind originates, to the Gulf of Guinea, where the wind finally exits, various climatic hazards are associated with its presence, done to the environment, humans and animals.

During Harmattan season the effects of this dryness is what makes fires spread easily, which is why more fire incidents are often recorded during the dry season. The dry weather conditions have numerous health effects on humans and animals affecting the skin, eyes and respiratory system.

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