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Monday, October 28, 2013

Fiber Artist Naomi Wanjiku Gakunga

Kenyan-born Fiber Artist Naomi Wanjiku Gakunga

Kenyan-born Naomi Wanjiku Gakunga, an innovator in the field of Fiber Arts.  Gakunga grew up among the Kikuyu of Kenya and first studied art at the University of Nairobi, Kenya, before continuing her studies at University of California, Los Angeles.
Naomi Wanjiku Gakunga Artwork
In Kenya, Naomi Wanjiku Gakunga learned braiding methods to style hair and make jewelry, practicing on shrubs and grass as a child. Gakunga comes from a fine artists' line, she is the granddaughter of a basket maker and  has been working with fiber or strings, ropes, and recycled materials since she was a child in Kenya. Her grandmother was a major influence on her, as the traditional Kikuyu women would weave baskets from fiber extracted from the makongo plant.

Source Africa Today

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