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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tanzanian girls risking rape for an education

Usta remembers the night that drunken men broke into the mud shack where she lived away from her parents with several other schoolgirls in rural Tanzania.


She had done her homework, but was having trouble sleeping.
"There were seven of them. They forced their way into our huts, and rounded us up outside.
Usta's story
"What they wanted was to rape us," she says.
But this time she and her friends were lucky.
"The men were drunk, so we managed to escape," she says.
It does not always work out that way and Usta's story is becoming increasingly familiar in rural parts of Tanzania where more senior schools have sprung in the last decade.
Many teenage girls who desperately want to finish their education live far from the safety of their villages and parents in huts that the locals call "ghettos".
There they run the risk of attack so they do not have to walk up to 10km (six miles) twice a day to and from school.
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