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Monday, August 12, 2013

Egypt’s powerful street art packs a punch

Egypt’s street art culture astonishing work has been emerging from a new generation of Egyptian street artists. Influenced by ancient culture and contemporary politics, they are delivering potent messages of protest. Alastair Sooke surveys the scene and meets a major player.

Talented Egyptian African Artists highlight modern and traditional Egyptian perspectives of African art. Each Egyptian artist has their own uniqueness providing a positive glimpse into the talent of Egyptian artists and their continuing inspiration on art and culture thru the world.

More than two years after protesters toppled Hosni Mubarak, Cairo is still ablaze with fiery visual reminders of Egypt’s revolution. On the edge of Tahrir Square  the nerve center of dissent  the burned-out tower block that once housed the headquarters of Mubarak’s National Democratic Party stands blackened and empty. It forms a jarring juxtaposition with the coral-pink walls of the Egyptian Museum, the dusty storehouse of the country’s most precious antiquities, next door. Around the corner, there is a different kind of monument.....

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