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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Whole World Loves Curry

  Curry gravy can be used for all kinds of curry recipe. Too little fat makes for lumpy curry gravy

The Whole World Loves Curry

- Stir a small quantity of curry powder in some gravy, melted butter, or onion sauce

- This must be according to the taste, taking care not to put in too much of the curry powder.

- Use the sauce over chicken, turkey, beef, veal, goat, turkey, potatoes, stuffing etc…

- Gravy stores very well, just add a few drops of pan drippings for extra favor when you reheat the gravy

- Remember, too little fat makes gravy lumpy
The Whole World Loves Curry
Photo by Glory Foods

Did you know…?
The earliest references to Indian curry written in English appeared in Hannah Glasse “The Art of Cookery” in 1747

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