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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Easy Hot Pepper Vinegar Recipe

Easy Hot Pepper Vinegar Recipe

Vinegar Recipe

Before the world discovered refrigeration food was preserved by being cured with salt or covered with vinegar. Hot pepper vinegar is a must-have condiment to use soups, stews, on sandwiches just about anywhere you want to add a kick of heat.

Use hot pepper vinegar over salads instead of high fat and high calorie dressings.

Easy Hot Pepper Vinegar

Black Pepper Pods

Black Pepper Pods

Dozen pods of pepper
2 very hot peppers split in half
6 cups white distilled vinegar

Get one dozen pods of pepper when ripe, take out the stems, and cut them in two; put them in a pot with vinegar and hot peppers, boil it away to one quart, and strain it through a sieve.

Did you know?
Vinegar has many uses in the kitchen. Biltong and droëwors are cured meats that originated in Southern Africa. Biltong and droëwors are similar to jerky in looks but tastes very different. The marinades used to make biltong use vinegar as its base to preserve food.

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