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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ghana has over 335 miles of spectacular coastline

The Republic of Ghana is named after the West African Ghana Empire. The West African Ghana Empire was located around 643 km or 400 miles northwest of present-day Ghana. Northern Senegal and Southern Mauritania is where the West African Ghana Empire was geographically.  Present day Ghana was formed from the merger of the British colony of the Gold Coast and the Togoland trust territory, Ghana in 1957 became the first sub-Saharan country in colonial Africa to gain its independence.

Labadi beach
Photo by Stig Nygaard
Ghana is located in West Africa on the Gulf of Guinea, between Cote d'Ivoire and Togo. Ghana has roughly twice the per capita of the poorest countries in West Africa due to the mining of gold and cocoa production in the global market. Ghana has ten administrative regions; Ashanti is an administrative region in Ghana centrally located in the middle of Ghana. The 10 regions in Ghana are Ashanti, Brong Ahafo, Central, Eastern, Greater Accra, Northern, Upper East, Upper West, Volta and the Western Region.

Over 23 million people live in Ghana and enjoy its tropical climate. Ghana has over 335 miles of spectacular coastline and Labadi beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Ghana. Labadi is located on the outskirts of Ghana’s capital city Accra. Accra is practically a modern African city and Labadi beach or La Pleasure Beach on Ghana's coast is one of the most popular attractions for hotels, nightlife, and surfing, swimming and just lounging around. 

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