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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lozi (loh-zee) a Bantu Language

Lozi (loh-zee) language

Lozi (loh-zee) language
The Lozi language also known as Silozi and Rozi language is spoken by the Lozi people of Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia, and Namibia with total speakers of approximately a half million people.

Zambia, Africa school children

Zambia Lozi people represent 5.7 percent of the population with 5.5 percent speaking the Lozi language.

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Zambia is said to have over 70 languages.

Lozi is an official language in Zambia. It is used in the media in Zambia and in The Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is also used in education and administration in Namibia. 

The spelling system for the Lozi language was standardized in Zambia in 1977.

Lozi (loh-zee) 101 Some common Lozi words are:

1. Ambile- To Speak

The spelling system for the Lozi language was standardized in Zambia in 1977.2. Amo-Tie

3. Boi- Shyness

4. Cali- Shawl

5. Ciso-Burning

6. Good luck- Ni ku lakaleza litohonolo

7. Good night- Lobala ka kozo

8. How are you? - U pila cwang?

9. Sorry- Ni swalele

10. Welcome- Mu amuhezwi

Did you know?
The capital of Zambia is Lusaka however, a proposal to build a new capital city in Ngabwe was announced in May 2017.

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