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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Understand Africa Through Her Food and People

“There is no better way to understand African culture than through her food”


Explore the wise beautiful world of African culture, African economy and African education, Africa's land and animals and of course African food and recipes of Africa's 54 countries.

West African Eba Onion Fritters

The diversity of spices tickles the senses and awakens the food pallet. There are more exciting spices in your food life than just salt and pepper. Spices bring the flavor of Africa right to your front door. Spices such as cardamom, rose flower water, mint, and turmeric add depth and dimension to food and shape the taste intensity.

From such an enormous continent different styles of cooking, diverse flavors, textures and ingredients are condensed into one website. Ja! We will delight in food from savory appetizers, fiery main courses, and rich soups to flavorful chutneys.

The African Gourmet LogoSome major African countries cater to tourists with resort areas and serve food such as pepperoni pizza. In Africa, a distinction is made between tourist food and local food just as it is in the United States. The basic art of traditional African cooking lies in the blending of herbs and spices to yield delicate distinctions in the flavor of food.

The suggestion that African cooking may become part of your everyday food life may seem “out of the ordinary” at first but as you will soon learn, the ingredients are scrumptious and common.

Food bonds families, friends and communities as well as giving everyday nourishment. African cooking is an oral tradition and traditional recipes were handed down by word of mouth rather than writing a recipe.

Chic African Culture recipes have been adapted for the modern kitchen so everyone can enjoy a taste of Africa. Let’s embark on a culinary tour of Africa from The Rift Valley, Ethiopia rich coffee producing region, South African aromatic chutneys, Morocco’s fragrant Tajine’s and pastries to Gambia’s flavorsome soups and stews. 

Easy North African Chickpea Coriander Stew
Food and recipes of Africa's 54 countries

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